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Chapter One - Good morning

The soft silk brush against his bare frame as he rolled over in the lush bed. The cool, slick fabric was wrapped around his otherwise naked body, warming nicely to his feverish temperature within moments of making contact with his skin. The slender male rolled again, not having found his intended target in the first attempt. Hey, it was a big bed, a couple could get lost in the thing....
Finally he made contact with the object of his desire; another body, this one just as bare as the first, and even more so since the red comforter had slipped from the upper half of his body.
Jode smirked quietly to himself and snuggled closer to the man, placing a soft kiss right in the center of his perfectly sculpted chest. Aaron had a body that would have put a Greek god like Adonis to shame, and a face so perfect that it could only be understatedly described as angelic. Jode had always felt so plain in comparison to Aaron. The simple demon was unworthy of Aaron's love, and he knew it, but it was hard to argue with a vampire when he was dead-set on loving you.
A mystery as to how the miracle came about, but Aaron was wrapped around Jode's finger, and the young demon knew it. He was ashamed to say that he had abused this simple power on more than one occasion.
Aaron was heavily asleep, so Jode snuggled closer to the pale figure and ran his hands appreciatively across the older male's flawless stomach and chest, nimble fingers gliding along the length of his smooth throat and caressing his cool face, then running his fingers through the vampire's lush black hair. Jode loved to watch Aaron sleep. Although, it was sometimes tough to tell if he was asleep, since he didn't need to breathe. Usually it was something Aaron did out of habit, but when he slept he sometimes just stopped all-together. So it was difficult to tell when Aaron was really sleeping... or just not breathing to look like he was. Vampires could be so difficult that way.
The blue haired boy buried his face against Aaron's neck and inhaled his rich, floral aroma. Aaron smelled of freesia and lavender, and of wood smoke and pine forest after a heavy rain, and of cherry blossoms and leaf loam.... Aaron's scent was all his own, and it was a heavy musk that Jode found irresistible. Almost everyone did. It was part of the allure. Jode closed his deep violet eyes and smiled softly, still breathing in the sweet aroma.
"Good morning, angel." Said a deep, husky voice that still carried the last dregs of sleep, and yet was still impossibly perfect and smooth as the silk sheets.
Jode smiled without opening his eyes. "Mm. Morning." he murmured happily. He was such a sucker for Aaron's endearments. Jode act nothing like and bore no resemblance to any angel. With his shocking blue hair, violent violet eyes, pointed teeth, claw-like nails and dime-turn temper he was the perfect specimen for his race. But he was Aaron's personal angel. Or that's how the vampire put it, anyway. It seemed silly to Jode, but that didn't mean he liked it any less.
The young male was still gently stoking his fingers through Aaron's hair, and he opened his eyes to look at his vampire. Aaron's red eyes were half-lidded, but bright beneath his thick fringe of dark eyelashes. The slightest hint of a smile hovered on his soft lips.
Jode smiled again, more brightly. "My turn to make breakfast?" He asked eagerly.
Aaron grinned in response, just barely showing the points of his sharp eye teeth, a rich chuckle escaping his throat. "Yes. It's your turn."
The blue haired boy grinned hugely, baring his own teeth, all of which  came to a sharp point. "Great! Steak tartare it is then." He smirked.
The vampire smiled still and chuckled again. "I think steak tartare implies there being a few more ingredients."
Jode frowned and stuck out his tongue. "Fine then. It's raw hamburger. Happy?" He started to roll out of bed but was suddenly trapped in the steal vice that was the arms of his lover, his throat being assaulted by an unending stream of soft kisses. Jode squealed and giggled uncontrollably, fighting desperately to get free. Aaron knew how ticklish he was, blast him!
"Stop, stop, stop!" Jode gasped when he found a breath. Tears were streaming down his cheeks he was laughing so hard, but Aaron just kept right on kissing mercilessly until Jode felt like his lungs were going to collapse inwards. Finally the vampire loosened his hold, planting on last, gently kiss just below the boy's ear. "Now I'm happy." And he sounded happy.
Jode panted, still giggling slightly, and hit Aaron in the back of the head. Not that the vampire could feel it. He'd probably just get a bruise on his hand. "Jerk." He mumbled, but he was grinning, wiping away the tears on his cheeks.
Aaron smiled and kissed Jode's cheeks softly. "Okay, I'm sorry. You're the most ticklish person on earth, Jode. I have to take advantage of it sometimes."
Jode rolled his eyes and then struggled to get free of Aaron's arms again. "Can I make breakfast now, please? I'm starving here!" Right on cue, his stomach gave a low rumble.
The black haired vampire chuckled and released the young demon. "You're always starving, love."
Jode shrugged as he stumbled his way off the bed and snatched up a pair of his favorite pajama bottoms on his way to the door. It was true. Since he was a demon, he had an incredibly high metabolism, and he had to eat almost constantly if he wanted to have any kind of strength.
Wearing nothing but his flannel Winnie the Pooh pajama bottoms, Jode rushed to the kitchen so fast that he had to skid to a halt in front of the fridge and he nearly fell in the process. He caught himself on the refrigerator door and wretched it open in the same instant.
When Aaron made breakfast he liked to make a bit of a deal out of it. The vampire was an amazing cook, and combined with his flawless skill and incredible speed he could make the most amazing dishes that would make the finest chefs weep. But Jode usually down everything too fast to appreciated the effort or skill behind it, so he saw it as a wasted effort. It was so much simpler to just eat the things you wanted straight from the package, nothing fancy about it. While Aaron insisted on making a nice meal every once in a while for Jode anyway, Jode had to put limitations on it. They took turn making breakfast, even though Aaron never ate. Well... not normal food, anyway.
Jode's favorite food in the world was raw meat. Any kind of raw meat, although he like the expensive cuts the best. All they had in the fridge was a one pound package of ground beef, which Jode snatched up quickly and eagerly began opening with his sharp teeth even while he was retrieving a plate. It bother Aaron when he didn't use some form of dish.
By the time Jode turned around to sit down with his breakfast, Aaron was already seated at the table, wearing nothing more then a pair of dark blue denim jeans. The blue haired demon sat down next to the pale man and instantly tucked into his breakfast without the use of silverware. Blood from the cold meat pooled on the plate as Jode tore off a piece with his fingers and transferred the raw meat to his mouth. He moaned happily as he chewed and then sighed with contentment as he swallowed.
Aaron laughed softly and shook his head. "You're not even going to use a fork?" He asked, although he already knew the answer.
Jode shook his head, already chewing another juicy mouthful. "Just a waste of time." He said simply after he had swallowed again.
They sat in silence for a bit while Aaron watched Jode down the raw hamburger in record time. When the demon had finished his meal, the vampire smiled. "So do you think we should visit Wes today?"
Wes was short for Wesney, an impish little demon with a knack for picking fights with the biggest brutes on the block and reducing them to whimpering basket cases. She was an expert in only two things; picking fights and finding renegades. Wes had a nose for trouble, and she used it to find rogue demons, lycans, vampires, incubus... and so on and so forth. And Aaron and Jode were part of her vast arsenal of bounty hunters.
Jode groaned at the name. "Is it Monday already? Seriously?"
Aaron just nodded. "I'm afraid so. And Wes said we don't get another three day weekend." He smiled wolfishly.
The young demon smirked and then sighed, standing up to rinse his plate and set it in the sink. "Alright, let's get the damn thing over with." He glanced over at Aaron, who was frowning now, and rolled his eyes. "Darn, darn, I meant darn. Let's get the darn thing over with." Aaron had a ridiculous aversion to cussing, even in its mildest form.
The vampire smiled appreciatively and then stood to followed Jode back to the bedroom, catching him firmly around the waist half-way there and then scooping up into his arms to carry him the last bit of the way.
Jode shook his head at the vampire, but he couldn't help but smile. He wrapped his arms around Aaron's neck and kissed him quickly on the neck before resting his head against the black haired males strong shoulder.

No freaking out. >_>

Title of this was inspired by Marilyn Manson's song "If I Was Your Vampire", yes. Listen to it.

Everyone still calm?
Still breathing evenly?
.... Heeeeeeey... Breeeeaaaatheee.

Desmond and Ivan are not dead.
They shall return.
As will Miles, Jamie, Kyle, Brandon, Isac... everyone.
But, you all know how well you can trust my promises.
You should be.
Yeah, you should be.
I'll explain... in a journal.
I gots looots I wanna say.


Oh, and in addition to breathing and keeping calm...
dun kill me, yeah?
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